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Chronicle of Events


Company Events in 2016

The company was listed in Shanghai Stock Exchange
The company established three system integration business plates including industrial electric energy conservation, electromobile smart charging and intelligent manufacture
On December 25, Nancal high-performance variable-frequency drive system project acquired support of the Second Batch of Special Fund for (Port-Surrounding) Key Technology Innovation in Shanghai
PMD technology status monitoring management system project of China South Aviation Industry (Group) was successfully delivered and won the good reputation of the customer
Reed Hechon and Nancal Ruiyuan passed CMMI Certification
Nancal won the Gold Pile Award of “Best Intelligent Charging Solution Supplier of Year 2016”
Won the bid of digital flexible production line integration construction project (Phase I) of Beijing Power Machinery Research Institute
On October 21, Nancal was successfully listed in Shanghai Stock Exchange
On September 5, Nancal passed the certification of Frequency Converter SIL2
On September 14, Nancal passed 3A Credit Grade Certificate
On September 22, Nancal successfully declared 2016 Beijing High-tech Achievement Transformation Project — Nancal New-Energy Automobile Charging Facilities Key Technology Result Industrialization Project and acquired the support fund under Beijing Municipal Science & Technology Commission
On September 28, the civil shore power source project of Nancal acquired 2016 Special Fund for Fangshan District Supporting Technology Innovation
Nancal acquired the Technological Product Innovation Award and the Enterprise Growth Development Award organized by Frequency Converter World Magazine.
On August 23, Nancal participated in the Sixth Shanghai International Charging Pile Exhibition and about 20,000 persons visited the exhibition
Release of new product of intelligent manufacture (model-based system engineering MBSE, process-based drive, mute-equipment network connection and model-based maturity management)
Shanghai Energy-Trans Electrical Co., Ltd. successfully developed the engineering-type frequency converter
New factory in Shanghai put into production in commission, and increased construction of new production lines for charging piles, high-voltage frequency conversion, etc
Nancal Shenzhen Office was established, to rapidly develop the national marketing network. Nancal frequency-conversion vsv technology drew the attention, which caused the deep attention of China Petrochemical Enterprise Electric Equipment Application Technology Seminar
Nancal won the bid of the project of Potevio charging pile centralized procurement and became the strategic cooperative partner of Potevio. Nancal won “Most Promising Enterprise Award of Energy Internet in 2016”
Nancal was awarded with “National Quality Trustworthy Organization” for the third time
Beijing Two Sessions reported that Boda Road Charging Station became the bright-spot engineering. Nancal was in the list of “Ten Charging Pile Brand Enterprises”
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