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Maturity-based product digitization collaborative-development platform

date:2017-07-24 author: clicks:352次
Solutions to the Intelligent Manufacturing of Nancal (Ⅲ)
Business background
In recent years, with popularization and application of full 3D product research & development mode (MBD technology) in larger discrete manufacturing enterprises, these enterprises have completed the overall process of product parts from full 3D design to final processing and manufacture, and thus have further experience and realization on the application of MBD technology. But from the point of view of research and development quality and parallel cooperation, at present, these enterprises are lack of the cooperative work mechanism and management platform, which causes the challenge to the promotion of MBD technology:

◆  When the product design is carried out in the design team, the designers have no effective management on the design process at the internal communication and cooperation and don’t realize the effective cooperation of departments of design, technology, materials and standardization.

◆There is the problem of repeated duplication of data, and it is difficult to guarantee the consistency.

◆ The front-end technology of design fails to fully participate and express, and it is also unable to guarantee the port information exchange, feedback and implementation of each major, which leads to the multiple replication of subsequent signing flow, which brings a serious of problems.


In order to cope with these challenges, through the multiple technical exchange with customers, Nancal put forward an interlayer able to closely integrate between CAX tool software and PDM system, used the interlayer to manage the products research & development process in real time, extended to rear-end manufacture, and composed of MBD-based product design and manufacture cooperation platform together with PDM system.

The following figure is the product maturity degree grade and parallel research model:

Customer benefits:

Customer benefits

Taking Airbus A380 as the example, multiple delayed deliveries lead to the customers gradually losing the patience, and Airbus paid a heavy price to guarantee the customer basis. It also made the competitor, Boeing 747, keeping the monopoly position in the large remote transport plane market. Therefore, if it is able to keep rapid new product launch speed, the enterprise may be guaranteed to acquiring more early high profit, occupying larger market shares, keeping the long-term competition advantages and forming a good circulation on the release of new products in the future. Specific to new products research and development and technology design, it is mainly expressed in the following aspects:

◆ The downstream examination and confirmation does not affect the continual process of the design work

◆ Realize parallel of design and manufacture, shorten the product research cycle and reduce the alteration of later period

◆  Cooperative maturity merges into the big flow of product research and development

◆ Realize the cooperative-platform-based online design; single data source and multiple sharing guarantee the uniqueness, real-time and accuracy of data

◆ Avoid data error and irregularity through calling the data in public resource pool, and reduce the work quantity of examination in later period


Industry Foreground

Through maturity design manufacture height and parallel research & development mode, standardize and define the maturity model, construct the product design and manufacture cooperation research & development platform, more favorable to popularization of MBD design and manufacture integration mode in the enterprise, specially suitable for the enterprise with complicated product structure and research period, favorable to improving the design flow of this type of enterprise, improving the product design quality and shortening the design cycle.

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