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Small body and big wisdom – Nancal brought out the intelligent high-voltage variable frequency drive with the highest power and density

date:2017-07-20 author: clicks:266次

Nancal NC HVVF Series high-voltage variable frequency drive, as the new generation of high-performance variable frequency drive, has the excellent product performance and larger power scope, and the power of single machine is 60WM at maximum; it possesses many optional schemes of air cooling, water cooling, etc., while the unique VSV technology was also successfully put into operation in certain project of West-East Gas Pipeline recently and acquired the excellent effect. (VSV, with full name of comprehensive unit of frequency conversion and power quality, is able to realize the frequency-variation speed control on motor and reactive compensation to the power grid) .    

At the same time, aiming at the problem that site installation space is narrow and small and regular variable frequency drive fails to meet the installation requirements in part reconstruction and newly-built project, Nancal recently developed the small intelligent high-voltage variable frequency drive, which has the reasonable arrangement, optimal structure and large power density, able to better meet the customer’s overall demand.


Product parameters of small variable frequency drive

Output voltage: 3kV~10kV


Cabinet contrast of small variable frequency drive product


Features of small variable frequency drive product

1. Quick-plug power unit connection technology

Power unit module design, able to change with each other, has no need of special tool. The operator only needs to pull out the fiber interface at the replacement; the unique integral quick-plug design interface of power unit greatly reduces the replacement time of power unit.


2. High-performance motor vector control algorithm

Motor control algorithm adopts the high-performance vector control algorithm of complete decoupling; by contrast with the original motor control algorithm, the low-operation and dynamic response performance are better, and it is easier to dispose the site application of low-speed heavy duty and sudden change of load.

Furthermore, loan observer function is increased in NC HVVF control algorithm, which may reduce the dynamic prompt drop to the utmost and keep the stable operation of system.


3. Self-testing and online identification function of motor parameters

After the long-term operation of motor, the temperature rising change will lead to the change of motor stator resistance Rs and rotor time constant Tr with it, which may affect the performance of vector control. NC HVVF Series High-Voltage VFD not only possesses the off-line self-testing function of motor parameters, but also increases the online identification function of motor parameters; identification of the motor parameters in real time in the motor operation process may effectively avoid the influence of motor temperature rising change on the motor control performance.


4. High-resolution colored HMI

Human-computer interface adopts the 7-inch colored touch screen, which is more friendly and easier for user’s operation. Furthermore, the human-computer interface adopts SD card to store the breakdown and operation information, more convenient for data storage and transmission.


5. Strong PC testing software

■  It provides PC testing software based on imaging operation, able to display the parametric variable and waveform in real time;

■ The real-time waveform display of similar oscilloscope may be free from the oscilloscope debugging;

■ The breakdown diagnosis record with rich function and automatic latching of waveform before and after the breakdown are convenient for the breakdown analysis.


6. Support “Nancal Cloud” access      

“Nancal Cloud” is the remote monitoring platform of Internet based on the large data drive, able to bring the following earnings for the customers:

■ The remote monitoring system of variable frequency drive based on INTERNET realizes the data exchange of wired and wireless network and remote monitoring;

■ General browser software of INTERNET terminal may check the operation data and status of the variable frequency drive unit;

■ Monitor the equipment operation status whenever and wherever possible, analyze data in time, and carry out the preventive alarm and maintenance on the unit;

■ Seamlessly connect the intelligent energy management platform of the company and provide the remote assistance at any time.


7. VSV function (option)

VSV technology, a technology able to realize the frequency control and power quality governance by time division developed by Nancal, possesses two modes: variable-frequency operation and reactive compensation; according to the onsite operation demand, it may both realize the frequency control on motor and may realize the reactive compensation on the power grid, with the following features:

■ The same hardware platform, with different control modes inside, has the high availability of system;

■  Reactive compensation double-closed-loop current plus feedforward control has good stability and rapid dynamic response;

■ Reactive compensation way may select the target power factor, such as target reactive, designation reactive, etc., with strong suitability.


8. Function of automatic bypass of power unit (option)

In order to improve the operation reliability and security, variable-frequency drive possesses the function of internal power module bypass; when any power unit has a fault or the control component is damaged, it may guarantee the variable-frequency drive not stopped and successively and stably operating, to reduce the disadvantageous influence brought for the production due to the power unit breakdown. When the power unit in fault has a bypass, by virtue of the function of neutral point, it may obviously reduce the output capacity reducing problem caused by the power unit bypass.

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