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Variable-frequency drive of Nancal VSV successfully went into West-East Natural Gas Transmission

date:2017-06-16 author: clicks:291次

​Variable-frequency Drive (VFD) is a device controlling the AC motor speed through changing the motor working power source voltage amplitude and frequency way by use of power electronic technology, computer control technology and automatic control theory. Through controlling the torque and regulating the motor speed, the purpose of meeting the technology requirements, improving the production efficiency and saving energy is reached.


NC HVVF Series VFD independently developed by Nancal (sh603859), after meeting the basic functions of frequency control and frequency-variable soft start, by full use of VFD hardware platform, through the brand new software control algorithm, develops the brand new VSV function and expands the new field for use of VFD.

What is VSV?
 VSV, with full name of VSD (Variable Speed Drive) + SVG (Static Var Generator), is frequency control drive plus static reactive compensation. This function may make the VFD working at time sharing in two modes: variable frequency driving and power factor compensation, and realize two uses in one machine, to make the investment earnings at maximum.         



Recently, VSV function of Nancal VSV had successfully practiced and acquired excellent effect in certain project of West-East Natural Gas Transmission. The project has 4 sets of high-voltage variable-frequency device in total on site. Under the situation of equipment overhaul and low season in production, there is a requirement of all or part halt of drive equipment part; at this moment, the long-distance 110kV overhead line special for the compressor station nearly runs in no load, while the electric charge measuring examination is at the busbar outgoing line of public joint, and the charging examination power factor of the entire station fails to meet the requirement of larger than 0.9 required by the power supply department. When charging the electric charge, specific to the user with the power factor not reaching the standard, the power supply department has the punitive power price measures, and a large amount of reactive work will also cause the huge loss of lines and transformer and waste a large amount of energy resources.


Upon detection, the power factor of No. 1 Station at the lowest is only 0.126, and that of No. 2 Station is 0.57. Facing such low power factor, the technicians of Nancal brought out the 20MW VFD solution including VSV function after careful calculation. After the project was put into operation, upon detection, VSV function completely reached the design requirements and acquired the excellent effect. Specific testing data of local power supply bureau are as follows: under the status that all 4 compressors are stopped, after No. 1 Station put into VSV static reactive compensation, the power factor of 110kV busbar exit measuring point of power supply bureau is raised to 0.93 from 0.126, and the power factor of No. 2 Station is raised to 0.964 from 0.57, which completely meet the requirements of the power supply department on the reactive assessment.  According to the customer’s feedback, Nancal 20MW frequency-converter and electric energy comprehensive device operated stably and reliably, key technology index met and was partially better than the contract index and relevant standard requirements, and it completely reached the expected effect.


Customer’s satisfaction is our eternal pursuit and customer’s affirmation is the largest power of our efforts to deep plowing. Oriented by the customer’s demand, Nancal staff will continue deep plowing and careful cultivation in own specialty field and try to move ahead.

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