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“Flow Drive” + Solution

date:2017-04-20 author: clicks:319次
Solutions to the Intelligent Manufacturing of Nancal (Ⅱ)
Business background
The core competitiveness of the manufacture enterprise is the product design capacity and technology design capacity, which are essentially the capacity of persons. One aspect is the professional capacity of engineering designers and one aspect is the management capacity of engineering managers. It is difficult to avoid the engineering designers, which will lead to the loss of the enterprise engineering design capacity; at the same time, the cooperation in the department, especially the cooperation among departments is always the main factor affecting the enterprise product research & development and technology design progress. Talent outflow affects the enterprise product competitiveness and the low-efficiency cooperation affects the product launching speed.
The reasons are: on one hand, the product research & development and technology design advancing depend on persons’ experience and capacity accumulation, senior technicians are easy to be coveted by the peers, and it is difficult for new technicians to rapidly grasp the necessary technology; due to outflow of talents, the core knowledge of enterprise will also be lost, which may even bring strong competitor; on the other hand, the enterprise has the business flow, but it is not solidified in the system, and even there is no standard business flow, which leads to the low cooperation rate of each level and greatly affects the product research & development and technology design progress.
Specific to the aforesaid demand, Nancal “flow drive +” is used for helping the enterprise to carry out the product research & development based on flow drive through combination with product research & development, helping the enterprise to carry out technology design based on flow drive through combination with technology design, covering the integral solution from product research & development design to technology design and simulation, and making the research & development data “accurately” transferred to “needed” research & development staff at “correct” time.

Customer Returns
When talking about the competitive strategy, Deloitte Consulting had ever pointed out: no matter if the enterprise adopts the cost leadership or differential competitive strategy or other strategic measure, it may easily be imitated or surpassed by the competitor. It is difficult for the competitor to completely see and duplicate the efficient and accurate operating mechanism in the enterprise, which becomes the unique core competitiveness of the enterprise. By virtue of the advanced management concept and management means provided by Nancal “flow drive +” solution, solidifying these efficient and accurate operating mechanism system flow to the information system and directly driving the enterprise product research and development, technology design and other processes will help the research of digital product of enterprise and full promotion of technology design capacity:

■ Solidify the flow to the system and make the technicians only needing to concentrate on the technology work of this post; the cooperation matter is submitted to the system;

■The project plan schedule is formulated according to the natural limit of research & development flow at each stage, to guarantee the project plan is more reasonable and implementation is more efficient;

■Open up the cooperation channel among departments and ensure the efficient and timely cooperation among departments;

■ Immediate online business flow monitoring and management: improving the business flow execution transparency and ensuring the enterprise management able to control the product design and technology design flow.
Industry Foreground
As the sole “flow drive +” solution based on Siemens PLM Platform in the industry, the resolution integrates the best practice of the industry, helps the enterprise solve the dependency on people in the product research & development and technology design process, converts people’s knowledge into the knowledge of the enterprise, and possesses the wide industry popularization foreground, generally applicable to a large amount of enterprises in digitalized products research & development and process design technology application, and especially applicable to the customer or industry with the following features:

■The product has the high complexity and needs the multi-specialty and multi-system cooperation;

■The research & development system flow has been formulated, lack of the effective informatization means control;

■  It is wished to further promote the product research & development and technology design project management capacity.
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