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Nancal continues to expand the military engineering industry testing platform business

date:2017-04-14 author: clicks:295次
Air military engineering industry has been the business field greatly developed by Nancal. After the development of many years, Nancal owns the mature full-integration solution system design capacity, system integration capacity, engineering implementation capacity and operation maintenance service capacity specific to different customers. Closely cooperate with Siemens, ABB, MDS and other foreign excellent suppliers, continue to invest in development of testing platform project of air military engineering field, gradually integrate with the international standard, and create Chinese service capacity. Nancal expands the machinery drive, high-speed rotation, dynamic balance computation and torque measurement on the basis of electric drive, developed the rotating-type testing platform, high-speed sealed testing platform, engine casing static force loading testing platform, principal axle lubricating testing platform and other system solutions.
Nancal provided the engine turbine testing platform power measurement system for certain engine research institute, enables us to own richer application practice in the engine testing platform solution. In the wind tunnel of certain aerodynamic research institute, as for the VFD speed regulation system provided by Nancal, the rotate speed precision reaches 2‱, the harmonic wave and electromagnetic interference are lower than the international standard through the type verification, and the wind tunnel health life cycle management data may be provided through cloud data management system.

In the future, Nancal will constantly enrich the testing platform solution specific to the high-end equipment manufacture demand in the field of aviation military industry, and continue to provide the high-quality and high value-added integration service for Chinese aviation military industry field.



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