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Realize the green innovation and achieve the intelligent manufacture

date:2017/4/6 author: clicks:308次

The 7th Aerospace Informatization Cooperation Summit of Nancal

On March 30, 2017, The 7th Aerospace Informatization Cooperation Summit sponsored by China Information Industry Commerce Chamber was held in Beijing. Experts and leaders from the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, China Information Industry Trade Association, China Aerospace Science & Industry Corp., China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation, Aero Engine Corporation of China, Commercial Aircraft Corporation of China, Ltd., Researcher of Institute of Computing Technology Chinese Academy of Sciences, Academician Ni Guangnan, as well as enterprise leaders and IT elites participated in the meeting. The meeting was held specific to the theme of “grasping the opportunity of deep integration and accelerating the innovation to drive the reform”, and Nancal appeared splendidly with the intelligent manufacture solution.


The deep integration of the information technology of the new generation and manufacture industry is initiating the deep industry reform and forming new production way, industrial form, commercial mode and economic growth point. Accelerating development of intelligent manufacture is the strategic choice of racing to control the commanding height of economic and technological development, of the important strategic significance on the state and the enterprise. Depending on the automatic system integration capacity accumulated for many years and the informatization system integration capacity continually constructed, Nancal has preliminarily formed the digitalized flexible production line system integration capacity in the high-end equipment manufacture industry; Nancal may help our customers to constantly promote the product quality, production efficiency, etc. though the integral system integration service.


Piece of Speech

In the summit, Vice President of Nancal and General Manager of Beijing Nancal Ruiyuan Digital Technology Co., Ltd., Mr. An Jie introduced the solution of Nancal from PLM-core end to end integration and the vertical integration solution taking the digitalized production line as the core to the participants in details and shared how Nancal supports the business demand of intelligent manufacture of enterprise and how to help the transformation of enterprise production mode and promote the production efficiency in the actual project case.

Piece of Exhibition Booth


During the meeting, the participants visited the exhibition booth of Nancal and carried out the technical exchange and discussion. As expressed by the participants in succession, by virtue of the advanced management concept and management means provided by Nancal intelligent manufacture solution, the enterprise will adapt to the reform of technology status digitalization in lower cost and faster speed and realize the full promotion of enterprise digitalized product research capacity.

Piece of Round Table Dialogue
At the same time, based on the excellent performance of solution in the fields of aerospace, military engineering, etc., the Deputy General Manager of Beijing Nancal Ruiyuan Digital Technology Co., Ltd., Mr. Zhang Quanping was invited to participate the round table dialogue composed of industrial experts and excellent enterprise representatives, to carry out communications and discussions together around intelligent manufacture, intelligent design and intelligent management in the field of aerospace and around cloud calculation, industrial Internet, enterprise digitalization, etc.


Nancal looks forward to discussing how to help the manufacture enterprise to realize the transformation, build the digitalization enterprise, realize green innovation, achieve the intelligent manufacture and create the beautiful future of Chinese manufacture industry together with the industrial leaders through the communications during and after the meeting.


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